This is the third installment of MnM game involving the game world  where MR. Marvelous  engineered an extra terrestrial threat to unit the peoples of the world. 

 After his defeat the world became a darker paranoid place not the utopia of cooporation he dreamed of. 

 In the second game the next generation of heros go through the teenage life of supers. Balancing their need to go and do good in the world with the exposure that could get them killed

 Now in this third installment the teens are fully grown and once again the paragons of society that has fully embraced the super hero.  That is until one of their own seems to turn to darkness and brings an apocolypse down upon the world.   struggling to servive in this era the heros need to save as many as they can while defeating the former heros that seem insane and are out to kill them and every other living thing on the planet.

Sins of the father